Our long term goal is to educate and inform people around the world about mental health illness, what it means to develop and strengthen mental well being and to raise awareness as to how we can all contribute to better mental health care. We care passionately about mental health issues and providing a safe space for discussions regarding awareness, lifestyle and treatment and rather than being all talk about mental well being we want to be all about action. We will work alongside already existing organisations, and take the time to learn what each place needs most to help provide practical solutions and help rather than assuming that one-size-support fits all.

Thank you for visiting us, and thank you for your support.

Why are we called Little Victories?

Our Founder, Connie, was given advice in her teens before she received her initial diagnoses of acute anxiety and depression. This advice gave her the motivation to carry on, to strive to be and feel the best she could. This advice was…

“At the end of every day, mention 3 things that made you happy today, and 3 things you are looking forward to tomorrow. We should celebrate every happy feeling as a victory. So celebrate them, even the Little Victories, because they are worth celebrating.”

…and this is now our philosophy. We look to celebrate every Little Victory and we hope that we can encourage you to celebrate also. If you ever want to ask a question, or find out more about what we get up to, or if you just want a chat, feel free to get in contact with us.

Welcome to Little Victories.com

Let’s celebrate together!