Team Writers

Connie is 24 and is the founder of She is currently living in Seoul, South Korea but is originally from Manchester in the UK. Connie writes about a variety of subjects, enjoys reading, cooking and listening to (and singing-along-to) various genres of music. Connie has depression and anxiety and is recovering from bulimia. If you want to get in touch, feel free to follow her at @connieunkigablogs or at her own website

Jessica Soo Jung (Regina Jessica) was born in L.A. but is currently living in Singapore. She has both ADHD & dyslexia, and used to self-harm as a result of bullying and isolation when she was younger. Her interests include make-up, boxing, reading books and posting videos and vlogs on her YouTube channel : Jessica Soo Jung

Matt Roselake likes to write about his faith, coffee, and people. He has a particular interest in writing poetry, but also writes blog posts for my website,, covering a range of topics such as films, sports, music, to more life-based things, whether that’s things like gender identity, jail ministry, updates or whatever. 

Brianna Young is from New York and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Asian and Asian American Studies and three minors in Korean studies, South Asian studies, and Linguistics. She is planning to teach English in Korea after graduation, and is also studying Korean Sign Language to later work with the deaf community as well. Bri can be contacted at

Emilie is a software programmer form Montreal, Canada (which makes her a native French speaker and a competent English speaker). Having recently graduated, she now has time to pursue different interests such as learning Swedish and Korean, watercolour painting, bullet journaling and improving her overall well-being. You can find some of her beautiful artwork at @em_et_em_

Guest Writers