Hello, everyone! I’m Bri, and I am so excited to be a part of the Little Victories team. This is my first post here, and anywhere for that matter!! So, I hope to learn and grow through being a part of this family 😊 Now onto the main story: How I Face Bad Days.

Although we all strive for days of ease and happiness, at some point, an unexpected event, misfortune, struggle, or sense of anxiety seem to creep up from behind and throw us into disarray. This happens to everybody, and it’s perfectly natural to be thrown off when these things occur. And it happens to me, too. I’ve struggled with past traumas, issues of self-esteem, low body confidence, and excessive anxiety to the point I could not even eat lunch in my university’s cafeterias full of people out of the fear people would find the way I opened my mouth and chewed my food to be strange. Even walking across a room with people used to be nearly impossible, as I thought it would draw too much attention to me and someone would stare at my imperfections. I understand the struggle of having these bad days, and for me, they were every. single. day. And it was not until a while later when I learned how to cope with my everyday struggles.

Fast forward two years from when I was at the pinnacle of my anxiety and unhappiness, and come to around Fall 2018. It was this time when I discovered the path to drastically reducing my bad days full of anxiety and just learning to live in the moment without thinking negatively about myself or imagining unreasonable thoughts of what others think about me.

1) I realized that at the end of the day, everyone is on this earth to live and pursue their individual goals. I realized that these people weren’t staring at me opening my mouth and eating my food as I had imagined, and that I, too, have a life to live and should not focus on anything but my own self.

2) I learned to feel myself just as I am, standing alone. I felt myself being put into this world to live and like I was being propelled to pursue my dreams, just as everyone else was. I felt like I was meant to be the way I am, imperfections and all, and that I could relax knowing that everything I would ever go through was just meant to be. Slowly, my self-esteem increased and I could walk across a room full of people without wondering if anyone was looking at me.

3) I started feeling myself in the present moment and stopped looking back on the past or focusing on the future, as it kept me from living right now, which is all we really can do. No one can change the past or can know the future, and no matter what, the future will be what the future will be, so there is no use in worrying about it. What comes is meant to be, so live in the moment, and your possibilities free of anxiety and pain will be endless.

These three “steps” are what helped get me through all my stressful anxiety and led to me to live in manner of peace. I was no longer worrying about others’ thoughts or future events that I thought would be stressful and scary. Basically, I saw myself alone only in the present moment without thinking of others and the past or future. Although no one can change the misfortunes that led them to pain, sometimes a new mindset can change the mental hold that misfortune and anxiety has on the mind and bring peace.

Every day I repeat these three steps to myself when I begin to feel dormant anxiety or new pressure build, and every time, they disappear. And I hope that all of you can one day benefit from them as well.