What do my bad days look like?

My bad days often relate to my chronic pain condition. I wake up stiff, sore and often a bit cheesed off about my situation. It’s took me years to understand that pain takes a mental toll on your energy as well as physical. Forcing myself through the motions of a normal day just doesn’t work. I can’t just get up, start my exercise routine and get on with what I had planned. Some days I just have to take care of me.

What do I like to do on a bad day?

Watch my favourite shows or films

Tv and films are such a great way to get lost in a different world. It’s not rare for my boyfriend to come home to a harry potter marathon or me watching breaking bad for the twentieth time. We all need a duvet day every so often and that’s okay.

Hit the gym

Exercise is one of the best ways of getting your natural anti-depressant hormones such as Endorphins. I personally see the gym as my safe space, somewhere to recover mentally and physically.

Be kind to myself

Pampering yourself can be so satisfying. A bath, a facemask, or even just ten minutes of mindfulness or yoga is a great way to centre myself and feel a little more human.

Speak to my support network

Most importantly, I reach out to my support network. Sometimes it’s a visit from my best friend, a cup of tea at my nanas or even just a chat on the phone about everything but how I feel. It can really help me feel I have strength throughout the bad days.