Even a seemingly harmless “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” morning can send you into a bad mood. No matter how many happiness hacks or positive things you try to do to make it better, it can be hard to shake your “I don’t want to deal with this” attitude.

How do I deal with having a “Bad Day”. I usually try to not think about it and not have a breakdown but sometimes you never know when you will break down and cry. Trying to “swallow” your feelings it might not exactly work all the time, but I try to do it another way. I walk away from that situation and try to think about something else.

    1. I go to the gym

    2. I listen to music

    3. I write a diary

    4. I watch movies

    5. I take a warm Long shower

    6. Read a book

Instead of looking for a surface-level cure when you feel awful, ask yourself what you can learn from your feelings and implement a plan for change. Things that make or break my day are when I am already having a bad day and people ask questions about why or how are you feeling when you don’t want to talk about it and try your best hiding it from everyone else.

it’s that tiny little detail that makes or breaks your day. Usually, the little detail that breaks your day it isn’t the best feeling but I feel like everyone has a different way of looking at it. For me usually, I try to fit a small time to hit the gym. Nothing works when you are having a bad day because you are feeling down and sad. End of the day, just be yourself. You will be alright.