I think for me personally, this is going off script a little, it’s more about making sure I’m taking the necessary mental steps to prevent a day from becoming bad, rather than coping with one. If I’ve officially deemed the day as bad, then I haven’t done anything to get through that. I.e. I haven’t really coped with it. It’s about controlling my mind.

What kind of steps am I talking about? Well generally speaking for me, barring a death in the family, I personally, me, in my opinion, I want to be extra clear this is just what I feel about me, anyone with a different process isn’t a bad person or any less than I. However for me, nothing but a death should even have the potential to put me in a position where the entire day has been ruined.

So the question I ask myself, am I going to let 5 bad minutes, or 5 bad hours even, decide whether or not the day was good? The answer is no, absolutely not. I mean when we look at our day as a whole we tend to narrow in on the negative, and I just got tired of that. So I made measures to quit doing it.

It’s not easy and it can be pretty taxing. So the biggest thing I do to make sure I allow myself to relax and bring in some light and good times to the day to counteract those bad minutes or hours of the day, is I play Xbox with my buddies. I mean come on! Videogames with friends is something I grew up with. It’s an escape, a time to just have fun and be carefree.

Those two things combined are how I try and get through on tougher days!