When trying to deal with things that you can’t control nothing is resolved when you want to go home and hide under your blanket. My advice,be more open and talk about it. Whether if it’s to your friends or writing a diary entry. When we are under stress its natural to want to ‘talk things through’ with our friends and loved ones, about the situation that’s causing us stress.

I find that asking myself this question regularly, and I remind myself how few of theses worries that actually happened. This can make it easier to stay calm and to stop a worried thought before it becomes a big snowball of negativity.

Ask yourself whether your thinking is productive. If you are actively solving a problem or if it is something you can’t control. Try to find ways to increase your chances of success. Take a step to change your thoughts. Don’t let it control you. Do something that makes you think about something else. Read a book or watch a movie or go shopping.

Let the feelings wave through you and breathe through them. Don’t ignore them, but let them go. You will never, ever, reach a day where you don’t have feelings, good or bad. Resisting them will not help, it will hurt. Teach yourself to acknowledge your feelings and try to consider what your feelings are trying to tell you, learn from them and let them pass.

Find your happy place (it differs for everyone) mine is often my sofa or my bed. I just love to nap, read, write or listen to music while sitting in bed or sofa. Everyone has a different happy place can be a state of mind or a room in your house. It doesn’t have to be some intangible unrealistic place that you won’t be able to go to on a daily basis. Find it go to that particular place and sit there with your favourite pj’s and drink.  

An important factor in mental and emotional health is having a support system that understands, supports and can help you to work through problems. Support systems can be a group of friends that have the same issues in common, or who are there for you most of the time when you need a pep talk

You can either forget everything that happened that day or watch a funny movie to make yourself feel better than before. It’s better to go to sleep happy.

At the end of the day, you just have to be yourself. Do things your way and remember that you are loved and that there is always a support team for you. When things aren’t going your way, go to your support system.

  • Regina Jessica (Jessica Soo Jung)