Hey there, it’s been a while since I’ve had anything posted here, so it’s nice to be back! Today I wanted to take some time to go over some of the different aspects of self improvement as it is self improvement month this month! Let’s just jump right into it!

I don’t think self improvement is in and of itself a bad thing. I think self improvement is a really crucial piece of living life. However for me personally, I would encourage that it should be rooted out of a healthy desire to become well, healthier.

For me, ideally, it comes from my faith, from my desire to become more like Jesus. That’s going to be the big piece for me personally. I believe that the version of me He wants, is better than the version of me that I want. And that doesn’t have to be a doom and gloom process, I think a lot of the time what I want for myself and what Jesus want for me happen to line up.

Now practically, faith or no faith, we have to have an actual method towards self improvement. How do we do that? There are all kinds of resources. Videos on YouTube, Podcasts on several different platforms, there’s interviews with life coaches you could watch, not to mention the thousands of books out there and many more resources. For me personally books are my preferred method.

One of the best reads that I’ve found recently was “You Are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero. She hits on many many different points but the underlying theme is loving yourself and knowing that you are in fact, a badass.

The thing is if we don’t self improve then we aren’t going anywhere. We just become stagnant and complacent with our lives. Which will eventually start to turn sour and feel mediocre and pointless. Eventually we will be left wondering where all of life’s colours went and where the time seemed to go. Our closets full of failed vision boards and our minds full of all the dreams we had but never fulfilled. I mean that sounds like a literal nightmare. 

So we need to be self improving to prevent that. But where do we draw the line? 

I think there is this weird “anti self improvement’ movement starting to swell up in culture. And I’m not really a fan of it. I simply think self improvement becomes unhealthy when the driving force behind it isn’t to become healthier. When I say healthier I don’t just mean mentally, I mean financially, physically, whatever it looks like in the area you are trying to improve at. Whether that’s so you can get the body you want, or you can learn to think more positively about yourself, or get that promotion so you can get more money to put towards living out your life’s dreams, whatever it is you’re trying to improve at. 

There’s nothing with going hard for that promotion at work. There’s nothing wrong with packing on extra layers to work out in to really get the sweat flowing. There’s nothing wrong with trying to think more positively. I think when these behaviors start to become unhealthy and actually become counterintuitive is when the driving force itself is negative. 

When we go for that promotion because we think we are better than the others up for it and we deserve to be the one climbing the ladder not them, and they don’t work hard enough for this and it wouldn’t be fair for it to go to anyone else. That’s not healthy. When we pack on the layers to sweat it out harder because we think no one will love us if we’re that 10 pounds over the recommended weight. That’s unhealthy. When we go to such great lengths to think positively going as far to refuse to allow ourselves to experience any kind of negativity and be ok with that. That’s unhealthy. 

It’s unhealthy because it’s an extreme. And mentally, we are not built to work in extremes. When we get that far down the wrong path it will adversely affect just about everything in our lives. We’ll get irritable, anxious, tired, not just physically, but just overall tired. Above all that we will slowly become more and more frustrated by it all and ultimately, completely and totally miserable. Self improvement is only as good as the heart behind doing it in the first place is. Let me say that again in different words. 

Self improvement is only truly going to make a difference in your life, if your reason for doing it is to become healthier in healthy ways. 

Well, how in the heck do we do that? And set up barriers to keep ourselves in check? 

The biggest and first thing is going to be to remember to celebrate the victories. Big or little. This is going to be like putting more wood on the fire. You’re not going to get very far if you keep forgetting to look back and take joy at how far you’ve already made it. It’s just how we’re wired. 

Another key thing is going to be getting help from the friends you have. Whether you need them to text you and ask if you’ve actually done the work it takes to improve yourself that day, or to remind you to pump the brakes and just relax and remember how far you have already made it. One thing is for sure you aren’t going to make it on your own. You just aren’t, so rally the troops and get some help. 

Lastly one of the most important aspects of self improvement is to learn how to own it. When you finally hit that end goal. When you land the promotion or hit the target weight, or have learned how to balance your thoughts and emotions. Whatever it was you were working so hard to improve on, you’ve got to own it. Because if you don’t your’re going to be liable to falling into the trap of still trying to improve when you’ve hit that ceiling. 

Ideally when self improving you set the end goal and once you hit it that doesn’t mean you’re perfect in that area or that you can’t improve any more. It simply means you’re going to let yourself rejoice in the victory for a while before hitting it again. If we skip this step I think we’re putting one foot right back into unhealthy self improvement again. Which would eventually undo all the hard work you’ve done to get to where you were, and put you back into poor mental health over time. 

So to close out let’s recap. 

  1. Self improvement isn’t just good, it’s necessary for us to be living healthy lives not just mentally but everywhere. 
  2. Self improvement has to be motivated by a desire to be healthier 
  3. Self improvement has to be completed using healthy methods
  4. Self improvement cannot be done alone, so get some help from yo friends,

I think if we keep these things in mind we will be much more well equipped to look at ourselves and figure out the places we’d like to improve on and get after it to crush it! Take some time this month to think about the places you would really like to be healthier in. Pray about it, talk to your friends or family, do whatever you need to do. But get after it this month, set out some goals that lead to an end goal, grab some friends for help along the way, implement healthy stopping points and methods, and go crush it!