Dear Jessica is a vlog series on my YouTube Channel. But often people wonder, why did I start it.

It’s something I want to be really open to talking about. Living in Asia and being stigmatized or just not being considered normal isn’t something I love or like. No-one who is in the same shoes as I am like to be in the same situation as I am. Sometimes I feel like people don’t want to talk about these issues, and it makes some stigmas related to mental health and well-being something that can be very difficult to deal with. Typical Asian societal pressure to be “normal” or even to excel can multiply the feeling of wanting to just bottle everything up and hide it.

I created this vlog series to give myself a safe, consistent place to vent those thoughts and feelings without fear of being shut down, or “told off” for not being like everyone else. But also in the hopes that people in the same position as me can see that they aren’t alone. Things like ADHD, Dyslexia… dealing with being bullied.. it is more common than you might think. I want to put out a message of positivity and acceptance, and maybe find some comfort for myself while I’m at it. Patients suffering from ADHD are at high risk to be confronted with stigma, prejudices, and discrimination.

To put it in a nutshell. Dear Jessica Vlog series will be about me, which I will do a video with them separately talking about their life struggles or things that they are struggling with.